LandlordMax Version 6.05e Status Update

The first graph represents the total number of remaining tasks left to complete the release of LandlordMax version 6.05e. When the number of total remaining tasks reachs zero, the software can be released.

Please be aware that the total number of remaining tasks, although rare, can increase. For example if one day we find 2 bugs in the software and completed only one very complex and long task, then on that day the total number of remaining tasks would actually increase by 1. On average the number should be decreasing (by more than one), but as rare as it is, it's still possible to see some days where the number does increase.

The problem with the above graph is that it only displays remaining tasks, and unfortunately with all software development this number can sometimes be misleading as illustrated in the example above. Going back to our example, if a bug is found in the software during the testing phase, we find we missed implemented part of a feature because of a scenario we initially missed, or something else needs to be added to make the software better, then this will result in a new task being added. If at the same time another task is completed, then the net result can appear that no work was completed that day when in fact one task was completed. Therefore to resolve this conflict and show the true amount of effort expanded we're also including the total number of remaining tasks versus the number of completed tasks. This should give you an idea of how much additional work is added as we progress through the release cycle.

This is also where we've been struggling in getting you an accurate estimate. Although we're completing a lot of tasks, we've unfortunately been adding additional tasks along the way. We're now at a stage where we don't expect to add many new tasks, but just as a precaution, I'm including it here.

** Please note that all tasks are NOT created equally. For example a very simple bug could potentially be completed in minutes whereas another very complex additional feature or improvement (or tough to fix bug) could take several days. Also, depending on the day and who is doing what, it's possible that on some days there appears to be less progress. This could be the result of a large effort to complete a complex task or fix a hard to find bug, etc. And on other days it's possible that you'll see huge jumps in terms of progress. Again, basically it's important to realize that all tasks are NOT equal in terms of effort.

Having said all that our goal here today is to help assist you in understanding what our effort is, the progress we're doing, and allowing you to have a much better idea of when the networked version (version 6.05e) of the software will be available. Our best current release estimate (unofficially) based on the above graphs is sometime in November. You can follow up daily to get updates and see our progress. And you can estimate and decide for yourself when you think the software will be released!